Is Jodi Arias bipolar? Does she have a case for an appeal for ineffective counsel? (videos)

As the Jodi Arias trial continues to unfold with numerous twists and turns and the Alexander family continues to grieve the loss of their beloved Travis Alexander, I can't help but wonder if Jodi Arias is bipolar.

Please let me begin by saying that my heart grieves for the Alexander family and like many, I find Travis Alexander was an inspiring man who overcame many obstacles in his life, was on the road to greatness and never deserved the
Is Jodi Arias bi-ploar?
gruesome death he encountered. At the same time, I can't help but ask what in the world would possess Jodi Arias to murder Travis Alexander so savagely.

I honestly believe that Jodi Arias is bipolar and mentally ill. I also think that her defense did a poor job defending her civil rights.

Does this mean that she should live? Should she win a new trial under appeal? Should she serve life in prison with the possibility of parole? Does she need to be put to death or sentenced to a mental hospital?

I don't know. I'm not prepared to say what I believe is true justice for Travis Alexander or his family. I will say, however, that I think the domestic abuse theory was a concoction made up by Arias' defense attorneys when they had a legitimate defense before them the entire time: Jodi Arias is bipolar.

She possibly has other mental illness going on, but I think she falls in the percentage of bipolar patients who have exhibited violence as expressed in the Psychiatric Times. The state's own witness stated she believed Jodi Arias had borderline personalty disorder. Interestingly, Psychiatric Times linked bipolar and violence with borderline personality disorder in some individuals.

"The prevalence of childhood trauma in persons with bipolar disorder combined with the risks that arise from the symptoms of the disorder itself renders bipolar patients especially at risk for violent behavior. As mentioned, childhood trauma has been associated with a worse clinical course of bipolar disorder, including earlier onset and a greater number of episodes, which means more cumulative time when aggressive behavior is at its most likely.

In addition, a history of trauma has been associated with an increase in rates of substance abuse among bipolar patients, which itself is associated with significant violence risk.

Moreover, borderline personality disorder, which has been associated with a history of childhood trauma, has been linked to increased impulsive aggression in bipolar patients during periods of euthymia."

I am rather floored by the fact the defense rather went with domestic violence instead of owning up to Jodi Arias' mental instability. Her own parents immediately told authorities that Jodi Arias was not mentally stable.

Jodi Arias' parents described her violent outbursts. At one point, Jodi Arias would be on the phone, calm and fine. The next moment, she would call back in a rage. Jodi Arias 

Even Jodi Arias' current behavior indicates she is cycling between mania and depression. One minute she is on a high, granting interviews and behaving like a celebrity, the next minute she is sullen, quiet and talking about suicide. Her tweets are indicative of someone in mania as well.

I truly believe that Jodi Arias is bi-polar and most likely has borderline personality disorder as well. She was raped as a teen, and for what it's worth, suffered what she perceived as emotional neglect (and physical abuse) from her parents. 

Her behavior has never been normal. From leaving school to live with a self-declared vampire, to believing the world was going to end because a self-proclaimed Bible thumper said so, it was clear that Jodi Arias wasn't right.

Everyone around her knew it.

It is known that those in bipolar mania can become more aggressive and violent, while those in bipolar lows tend to put the violence on themselves.

Did Jodi Arias plan to murder Travis Alexander during a mania phase? Was her bi-polar rage triggered because Travis Alexander tried to end things with her permanently?

I believe so.

But what might be the most tragic question, is whether Jodi Arias could have been treated with medication and therapy and ultimately brought her disorder under control.

If Jodi Arias is bipolar, and had she been treated, would Travis Alexander still be alive?

I fear this is the question that haunts Sandra Arias, Jodi's mother, who heartbreakingly blamed herself for not listening to Arias' friends when they told her that her daughter was mentally ill.

"Jodi has Mental Problems"