If Jodi Arias wants to die, then why is she still here? (videos, photos)

On May 20, 2013, Jodi Arias returns to the Maricopa County Superior Courthouse where she is expected to speak on her own behalf during the penalty phase of her murder trial. Arias was convicted of the first-degree murder of Travis Alexander, 30, on June 4, 2008. She admits to killing Travis Alexander in self-defense, but denies that she premeditated the murder by renting a car, borrowing gas cans and taking other steps to hide her whereabouts during the day of the murder.
Though she claimed to have no memory of stabbing Travis Alexander 29 times and slicing his throat from ear to ear, she does have a faint memory of accidentally shooting him. The evidence and medical examiner's testimony discredited her account of events and the jury ultimately sided with the prosecutor. Aggravating factors were proved and the jury determined that Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander in an extremely cruel manner. Will Jodi Arias be sentenced to death, life without the possibility of parole or life with the possibility of parole?

One of the most interesting aspects of this case is that Jodi Arias has repeatedly stated she wants to die. She said that if she killed Travis Alexander she would want to die. She took the stand and said that she tried to commit suicide, but once the razor nicked her wrist, the pain was too great so she stopped the attempt. Also, she told the jury that when she made the statement, "No jury will convict me. You can mark my words, I'm innocent," what she REALLY meant, was I was going to commit suicide, would be dead and there wouldn't be a trial.

Immediately following her May 8, 2013, conviction, the 32-year-old felon went on My Fox Phoenix and again stated she wanted the death penalty. Longevity runs in her family and she wants her freedom through death.

Okay, so if Jodi Arias wants to die so badly, why in the world is she still here? Why waste all our time with a trial? Why waste the juror's time with an aggravation phase and now a penalty phase? If Jodi Arias wanted to die, she would have done it already.

Do you think Jodi Arias will testify on her own behalf and beg the jury to put her to death or do you think she will plead and beg for her life?

You can watch the live trial streaming online today at 1 p.m., ET in the videos above. Check out the photos on the site as well, but be warned if you are going to view Travis Alexander's autopsy and crime scene photos they are gruesome.

Keep in mind, the jury has seen these photos and more. Do you think these photos will influence their decision and cause them to unanimously vote to put Jodi Arias to death?