Fired teacher vows appeal: I did not make kids flush bottles of my urine

What may be one of the sickest allegations in public schools aside from rampant cases of child, sexual abuse, is the story of fired New Jersey teacher Ron Tuitt. Tuitt was fired after an investigation showed that the handicapped, second-grade teacher urinated in bottles then had students carry the bottles to the bathroom where they were expected to flush the waste down the toilet.

Gag much?

“At no time during my almost fourteen years as a teacher in Paterson, did I ever ask a student to carry plastic bottles of urine to flush in the boys’ bathroom. I cared deeply about my students and would never have exposed them to such actions," Tuitt said in a statement.

 Administrative Law Judge Evelyn Marose listened to the case and after 12 days determined he had in fact performed the disgusting act, but New Jersey Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf referred to a "pattern of outrageous conduct that is not appropriate in a school environment."

What other acts would signify a "pattern of misconduct" unsuitable for second-grade students to witnesses? How about urinating in a garbage can?

Tuitt says he has Lymphedema and admitted to urinating on himself in the classroom, but says he never urinated in the trash can or a plastic bottle.

Guess what.

If you're too sick to get to a bathroom, or can't urinate in a toilet, then you need to get out of the workplace.


North Jersey