Dr. Drew weighs in on Jodi Arias' behavior when she thought cameras were off (videos)

Jodi Arias loves her attention, doesn't she? When she was taken into custody for Travis Alexander's murder, Arias asked to clean herself up. She stated, "This is a really trivial question, and it's going to reveal how shallow I am, but before they book me can I clean myself up a little bit?"

Jodi Arias is eligible for the death penalty
Yes, Jodi. Asking to do your makeup seconds before you are booked for murder is beyond shallow. Remorseful people are overwhelmed with guilt, shame and
grief and could care less how they look in a mug shot. Jodi Arias, people, is not normal.

The woman has never missed a beat when it comes to smiling for cameras (even if they are for a mug shot), or making certain the shine is removed from her nose before she tells America and the world her newest story about the gruesome events that transpired on June 4, 2008.

In the video below, Dr. Drew weighs in on Jodi Arias' behavior when she thought the cameras were off, before granting a 2008 interview.

From my own perspective, I have noticed that Jodi Arias gives serious death looks in court. By this, I mean that if looks could kill, I don't think one person would be able to survive Arias' icy glare. Did you see the way she looked at the jurors when they determined she murdered Travis Alexander in an extremely cruel manner?

Check out some of Jodi Arias' evil stares in the slideshow below, followed by her video when she thought the cameras were off.

What do you think about Jodi Arias' behavior and body language?