Does Jodi Arias make throat slicing motions in court? (videos, photos)

This is not the first time I have seen what appears to be Jodi Arias making a throat slicing motion in the court room. What do I mean by throat slicing motion?  Well, it appears that several times throughout the trial, Jodi Arias has taken one hand and dragged it across her throat as if indicating she wants to cut someone's throat.
Is Jodi Arias making a throat slicing gesture in court?

Considering she sliced Travis Alexander's throat from ear to ear, the move is beyond creepy, but appears threatening.

Others have noticed this behavior and I've read some remarks by some who have suggested that Jodi Arias is crying, tears are streaming down her face and she is wiping them away with a 'one-fell-swoop' hand motion.

I'm not so sure.

If you look at Jodi Arias' eyes when she makes the motion, the setting in which the motion happens, and her overall demeanor, it appears to me to be something more sinister.

When I look at Jodi Arias make this motion, I get the feeling that maybe she believes she has some sort of occult power, or even magical thinking. Does she think that if she makes this motion she can somehow doom prosecutor Juan Martinez to death?

Does Jodi Arias truly believe that if she visualizes or focuses on something she can make it happen through some perverted law of attraction?

Yes, I could be reaching in my evaluation of the movement, but something in my gut tells me that she is really doing this...really making throat slicing gestures towards people who are getting on her nerves, under her skin or making her angry.

You can see the video and judge for yourself. Do you think Jodi Arias is wiping away tears or making a threatening gestures towards prosecutor Juan Martinez?