Do you believe Jodi Arias is sorry she killed Travis Alexander?

Jodi Arias has been convicted of first-degree murder in the June 4, 2008, death of her lover Travis Alexander. Her four-month long trial has now entered the penalty phase and a jury will soon decide whether Jodi Arias should be put to death or be sentenced to life in prison. While the jury has heard victim-impact statements from Travis Alexander's brother and sister, those watching trial coverage from home have been privy to much of Jodi Arias' behavior.

One of the most stunning aspects of the Jodi Arias case, is her alleged use of social media networks
such as Twitter. According to sources, Jodi Arias uses Twitter through her friend Donovan Bering. Bering reportedly tweets messages directed by Arias through jailhouse phone calls.While Arias may try her best to look sympathetic to the Alexander family in court, she has yet to issue a straightforward apology for murdering their loved one.

Do you believe that Jodi Arias is sorry she murdered Travis Alexander?

Do you think she needs to apologize publicly to his family in front of the jury?