Did Jodi Arias recreate Psycho scene with Travis Alexander? (photos)

A popular conversation on Twitter right now is whether Jodi Arias tried to recreate the murderous shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror story Psycho. While the mere thought is certainly enough to spark conversation, analysis and debate, a visual image created by the Twitter follower "Justify Psycho are astounding.
Jodi Arias appears during her murder trial on April 11, 2013.
Travis" brings the idea into focus. When you see photos of Travis Alexander's final moments before being stabbed side by side with scenes from Hitchcock's thriller, the similarities between Travis Alexander's murder on June 4, 2008, and Janet Leigh's infamous shower scene.

Here is the image composed by Justify Travis from Twitter.
What do you think?

It makes me wonder if this is simply coincidence, maybe Jodi Arias' subconscious at work or if she didn't suggest they recreate the scene, thereby removing any apprehension of her holding a knife. The last scenario really seems doubtful to me. I can't imagine anyone trusting a stalker enough to "play Psycho" with them.

But, I do think this could have been her motivation. Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer had an obsession with the movie The Exorcist. It may be interesting to know if Jodi Arias had an obsession with the movie Psycho or horror movies in general.