Watch Jodi Arias trial live, streaming online April 25, 2013, day 53 (videos, photos)

April 25, 2013, is day 53 in the Jodi Arias trial and with the job the prosecution is doing, many find it doubtful Arias is going to win an acquittal in the June 4, 2008, death of Travis Alexander. You may view past trial videos in the link above, but you may watch today's live streaming trial online in the video player below.
Travis Alexander's closet is in meticulous shape

Though the defense has rested and the prosecution continues its rebuttal case, the defense will call one more witness to the stand on May 1, 2013. Today's testimony is expected to feature medical examiner Dr. Kevin Horn.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez has continually poked holes in Jodi Arias' theory of accidental self-defense (she claims Travis Alexander attacked her after she dropped his new phone, then she grabbed a gun and fired it in an attempt to scare him, but unintentionally shot him in the head) by showing that there were no signs that Alexander was a gun owner. While it is expected that a murder weapon that belonged to a victim might not be found during an investigation, a gun owner would possess belongings and items related to weapons.

There were no boxes of bullets, gun holsters, or anything that would indicate Alexander (or any of his roommates) were gun owners.

Another damaging blow to the defense's case occurred yesterday when it was testified that the scene of the supposed altercation (Travis Alexander's closet) was in tact and without any signs of disturbance. The shelves were flimsy enough that a panicked person, running to get a gun would more than likely knock something over. One of the startling facts of the case is that objects weren't knocked over...not in the closet or the bathroom. Blood, however, was found in Alexander's bathroom, bedroom and hallway.

It doesn't seem there is anything to indicate that Travis Alexander ever struck Jodi Arias in anger or rage, had threatened her life on June 4, 2008, or even injured Arias on the day in question.

In fact, photo evidence retrieved from earlier that day showed a nude Travis Alexander flashing a peace sign to Jodi Arias while she took pictures.

What do you think? Did Jodi Arias kill Travis Alexander in a case of accidental self-defense, or was it premeditated, cold-blooded murder?

You may watch the trial live while in session below.

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