Strange dream regarding Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias trial

Is Jodi Arias drawing in court?
I don't usually share something such as a dream on this site, as I stick to news revolving the case. Since, however, this is technically a personal blog, I do want to share a dream I had. It's not like I feel the dream had any significance or anything, it just shook me up so greatly that I want to record it.

Here's the dream.

I was in court, watching the trial when a man walked down from the jury and approached Judge Sherry Stephens. The man whispered in her ear and I was agitated because I felt this behavior would lead to a mistrial. I said something out loud, such as, "Stop that man, there's going to be a mistrial. He can't talk to the judge like that. Don't let him whisper in her ear..."

The man then turned around and looked at me. At first, I thought it was a juror, but the more I looked at him, I realized it was Travis Alexander.

Then, I became confused and muttered to myself, "Is Travis Alexander allowed to speak to the judge at this trial?"

But it didn't matter...there was a mistrial.

It was such a strange dream, but what has stayed with me, was when the man turned around and looked at almost gives me chills just thinking about it. It seemed so real as if I were looking straight into Travis Alexander's face.

What he was whispering to the judge...I don't know.

Like I said, it was a strange, bizarre dream.

Just one of those dreams that I don't think I'll ever forget due to its vividness.

Really weird.