Judge calls Travis Alexanders' family members into chambers, will mistrial be announced?

Breaking news!

According to courtroom insiders, Judge Sherry Stephens has called Travis Alexanders' family members into her chambers. Does this mean she is breaking the news to them firsthand that there will be a mistrial?

If there is a mistrial, will the state of Arizona feel they have spent too much money on the first trial and be open to offering Jodi Arias a plea deal, such as second-degree murder?

Stay tuned as we are waiting for live coverage of the Jodi Arias trial to begin at any moment!


Report says Jodi Arias is now in chambers with victim's family!

Stay Tuned!

What are your theories...

My possible scenario...if it is true Jodi Arias is in chambers with the victims' family...are they considering a plea deal?

Update: The exact details of the meeting have not been released, but since Juror #5 was removed from the jury, it appears the meeting was in regards to that.

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