Jodi Arias trial: Prosecution rests with Travis Alexander's autopsy photos (warning graphic pictures)

On April 25, 2013, the prosecution rested their case against accused murderer Jodi Arias. The trial began on Jan. 2, 2013, with prosecutor Juan Martinez telling the jury that Jodi Arias brutally murdered Travis Alexander by stabbing and shooting him. He ended his case by showing the jury Travis Alexander's graphic
Travis Alexander full of life, poses in business suit
autopsy photos. You may see those autopsy pictures in the slideshow player below (or in the link above, but be forewarned -- the pictures are extremely graphic in nature and are disturbing to view. Jodi Arias appeared to sob into the palms of her hands while members of Travis Alexander's family were visibly upset and could barely look at the photos.

Juan Martinez may have proved to use a brilliant tactic as the jurors have a long break before returning to court on May 1, 2013, to hear one final rebuttal witness for the defense. That means the horrific Travis Alexander autopsy photos will remain vivid in their minds for nearly one week.

Jodi Arias is accused of slashing Travis Alexander's throat and stabbing him 29 times before shooting him in the head. During testimony given on April 25, 2013, medical examiner Kevin Horn stated that due to the defense wounds on Travis Alexander's hands and the way he bled, it was unlikely he was shot first as Jodi Arias claimed. He stated that a gunshot to the head would have left him incapable of chasing or attacking Jodi Arias with greater force and violence, nor would he have been mobile or had the ability to ward off a knife attack as evidenced by the stab wounds to his hands.

Did Jodi Arias come up to Travis Alexander in the shower and stab him in the back? Did he run as much as he could, down the hallway and into his room in an escape attempt, only to have her slit his throat then drag him back to the bathroom where she finally put one bullet into his head in order to ensure she had finished him off?

Jodi Arias' version of what happened seems to be the third lie she has told authorities.

Maybe saying, "I went crazy, slit his throat and stabbed him in the back before shooting him in the head," doesn't go over well with police.

We will most likely never know exactly what happened in Travis Alexander's final moments of life, but we can see the aftermath in his autopsy photos.

Be warned, these photos are graphic and may cause you to ditch any hint of sympathy you might have contemplated extending towards Arias.

After viewing these photos, you might feel that the death penalty is in the only justifiable punishment. Will the jury feel the same way?