Jodi Arias latest news: Kirk Nurmi requests jury to be sequestered, judge denies motion (videos)

Jodi Arias latest news and updates for April 4, 2013, begins with Kirk Nurmi's request that Judge Sherry Stephens sequesters the jury. The motion was quickly denied, but not before Nurmi told Judge Stephens the idea the jurors weren't watching media coverage of the trial was a "fairy tale."

Three months into the trial and with one juror removed from the panel on April 3, 2012, it seems that sequestering the jury would have been a given. One of the most notable aspects of the Casey Anthony trial was the fact the jury had been sequestered in order to protect them from the immense, media coverage that permeated the trial.

There is no doubt that if Nurmi can find one shred of evidence that jurors have participated in any way, shape or form in media coverage surrounding the trial, he will have substantial grounds for an appeal should Arias be found guilty in the June 4, 2008, murder of 30-year-old Travis Alexander.

Nurmi stated,"The court asks the question of the jurors every morning, 'Have you seen anything on the media?' No one raises their hand... To believe that to be true is to believe an absolute fiction. It is a fairy tale to assume that this jury is not hearing any of this. It is all over the news, be it local or national."

Nurmi isn't alone with his suspicions the jury is watching media coverage of the trial and that simply asking by a show of hands isn't enough to ascertain the truth in the matter.

Do you find it surprising the jury wasn't sequestered in the Jodi Arias trial?