Jodi Arias latest news: Juror #5 speaks to reporter after issuing 'silent' statement (videos)

Well, that didn't last long.

I am beginning to have some serious issues with the way the Jodi Arias trial is being conducted and am afraid a mistrial is in the future, or if there is a guilty conviction, there will be serious grounds for an appeal.

Why, oh why was dismissed juror #5 allowed back in the courtroom? Why, oh why does Judge Sherry Stephens allow so much shenanigans to go on throughout this trial?

But, I digress...

On April 4, 2013, dismissed juror #5, returned to court room, seemingly glaring and not at all happy that she was off the trial, and though she issued a statement on April 3, 2013, saying she wanted her privacy, she spoke to a reporter on her way out of court today.

CBS 5 caught up with the woman whose name remains a secret and asked her about her return to the courthouse.

You may watch the video above.

You may also watch the full day of court from April 4, 2013, below.