Jodi Arias latest news: Juror #5 releases statement, will stay quiet until trial ends (videos)

It seems there is never a dull moment in the pursuit of justice for 30-year-old Travis Alexander who was brutally stabbed, shot and had his throat slit from ear to ear on June 4, 2008, by his lover Jodi Arias. In the latest Jodi Arias trial news, juror #5, who was the subject of Easter weekend media reports after the defense filed a motion requesting a mistrial and to have her removed from the jury panel, was removed on April 3, 2013. The defense argued that juror #5 (whose identity remains unknowns), had made statements indicating she was not impartial to the proceedings.

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Juror #5 released a statement late April 3. It reads as follows,

"In the past few days I have been a part of discussion and interest in the murder trial case of Jodi Arias. For the past three months I have been fulfilling my duty as one of the jurors in the case of Jodi Arias. Jodi Arias' attorneys have filed a motion asking for a mistrial or that Juror 5 is removed from the jury, which led to my removal.

"As a juror that has been removed from the jury, I would like to remind everyone that the murder trial case of Jodi Arias is still going on and that the time and money being invested in this trial are more relevant and important than my removal from the jury. Until the verdict in murder trial case of Jodi Arias is reached I will not make any statements or give any interviews regarding my removal from the jury. I believe that the attention should be focused on the actual trial. I would ask from everyone to please respect my privacy and the privacy of my family."

While it is unknown exactly what transpired or what words were said to cause Judge Sherry Stephens to remove juror #5, there is speculation as to whether the removal indicates discord amongst the jurors. If someone actually "ratted" juror #5 out (so to speak), it could signify that not everyone is in agreement or favorable towards the prosecution's side of the case.