Jodi Arias latest news: Arias is no Snow White and Juan Martinez is no Prince Charming (videos)

Those following Jodi Arias latest news, updates and headlines from the trial might agree that today's testimony was none other than absolutely absurd. Defense expert Alyce LaViolette has spent the week presenting Jodi Arias as a domestic abuse victim, based upon instant messages and emails exchanged between Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias.

Was Jodi Arias an abused Snow White?

When it was Juan Martinez' time to pounce upon the domestic violence expert, he focused on a previous series the expert taught using the fairy tale character Snow White. The idea of Snow White and Prince Charming taking center stage when Juan Martinez had his turn at bat is simply ludicrous.

Judge Sherry Stephens seemed to dismiss the defense's objections to the line of questioning based upon relevance, speculation, and seemingly anything that could be thought up.

Ironically, the day started with defense attorney Kirk Nurmi requesting the jury be sequestered and stated the idea that they weren't watching media coverage of the trial a "fairytale."

What in the world is going on in this trial? Fairy tales, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? What's next...Jodi Arias breaking into song? Maybe she'll manage a shackled headstand and sing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho Off to Death Row I Go"?

This is just crazy.

Honestly, I remember when Casey Anthony was on trial and everyone just assumed that she would be found guilty and get the death penalty, but prosecutor Jeff Ashton began to turn the jury off. He had a haughty attitude, would snicker and laugh to himself, disrespected Jose Baez (which, like it or not, is disrespecting a court of law), and ultimately, set Jose Baez up for a golden, limelight moment where he spun around, pointed his finger at Ashton and said, "This laughing guy over here..."

And for many, the rest as they say is history. There are many, many who believe that Jeff Ashton's attitude lost the case and simply caused the jury to turn him off.

Will Juan Martinez do the same thing while screaming at a woman who works with domestic violence victims about Snow White?

The Snow White lecture is absurd, and I have no clue what it has to do with Jodi Arias claiming to be abused.

I fear that Martinez' ranting and raving at a domestic abuse expert is going to make him look abusive and cause jurors to sympathize with Alyce LaViolette and possibly Jodi Arias.

Enough with the fairy tales already, can we get to the facts of the case?

Watch the full court proceedings from April 4, 2013, below.