Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander: A Mormon Match from Hell (part 2)

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Jodi Arias before Travis Alexander: Ex-Boyfriend Darryl Brewer Testifies

Jodi Arias had been living with her boyfriend Darryl Brewer, 52, when she met Travis Alexander in September 2006, at a Pre Paid Legal Services convention. You may hear Darryl Brewer’s testimony from the Jodi Arias trial here (fast forward to 2:03:14). 

Brewer stated he met Jodi Arias in the fall of 2001 when they worked together at the Ventana Inn in Big Sur, California. . Brewer is the father of a 14-year-old son and didn’t want to be seen on camera during the trial. The details provided by Brewer may be the best look at Arias before she encountered Travis Alexander.

Jodi Arias' ex-boyfriend Darryl Brewer testifies 
Though working together, the couple didn't begin dating until 2003. They purchased a home together located at 43755 Virginia Avenue, Palm Desert, CA 92211 in June, 2005,

Darryl Brewer described his time with Jodi Arias as a very stable, loving relationship. 

A divorced father of then 4 1/2 year old Jack, the co-homeowners were very much in love. As Brewer had shared custody of his son, Jodi Arias was a part of the child's life. Brewer described Jodi Arias’ relationship with his son as “outstanding,” however, he wouldn’t describe Arias as a stepmother, but only a close friend. Though the two had purchased a home together, Brewer was not interested in marriage at the time as he had been through a divorce.

During June 2005, Jodi Arias was working two jobs in restaurants while Darryl Brewer looked for work. He found employment within 2 1/2 months, and didn’t describe the break from employment as stressful to the relationship. They remained in the 3 bedroom home until December 2006.

Brewer addressed Arias' personality and character during their time together. He indicated they had anal sex at least once, but there was nothing overtly raunchy or sexually aggressive about their relationship. An aspiring photographer, Arias did photograph him several times, including nude photos.

Brewer then described on the stand Jodi Arias’ employment and involvement with Pre Paid Legal Services. He recalled Arias' going to a Pre Paid Legal Service, Las Vegas convention in September 2006. It was during the summer of 2006 that Brewer stated their relationship began deteriorating. He had made plans to move back to Monterey, California as he followed his ex-wife and son there as he would begin school and he wanted to be close by. He expected Arias to remain in the home until it's future sale.

According to Brewer, Arias went through many changes beginning mid summer 2006. She became involved with Pre Paid Legal Services and simultaneously began exploring the Mormon faith. As she became more serious about Mormonism (including home Bible studies), she began to resist sexual intimacy with him and wanted to save herself for marriage.

Her focus on Pre Paid Legal Service was one he felt was a bit irrational. He stated that she became financially irresponsible while believing she would obtain greater wealth.

In Brewer’s opinion, Arias’ involvement with Pre Paid Legal Services and Mormonism directly affected their relationship and it appears he believes it had a negative impact.

It was during this time (fall of 2006) that Arias and Travis Alexander had met and become friendly. By February 2007, Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander had begun their own intimate relationship.

Interestingly, Darryl Brewer stated the two never formally broke up, instead their relationship had changed and the two were moving in different directions. When the Palm Desert home foreclosed in Feb. 2007, Brewer moved near Monterey while Arias moved to Arizona. 

The two remained in contact and maintained each other's phone numbers throughout the years. Arias visited Brewer on June 3, 2008, the day before Travis Alexander was murdered and borrowed two gas cans from him for her trip.

Though she told Brewer she planned to visit his sister in Pasadena, Arias instead went to Mesa, Arizona. One day following her visit to Darryl Brewer, Travis Alexander would be dead.

Fast forward to 2:03:14 in the video below for Darryl Brewer's testimony.

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