HLN asks if Jodi Arias is a danger to society (videos)

It appears that many nationwide are growing tiresome of Jodi Arias, her seemingly never-ending trial and HLN's twists, turns and spins on the case. In the latest HLN program After Dark, the question was asked if Jodi Arias is a danger to society.

Say what?

Are you kidding?

No, Jodi Arias is perfectly safe...in fact, if she is acquitted, maybe she and Casey Anthony can go into a joint child, daycare business.

For real? Is she a danger to society? I think Jodi Arias is a danger to anyone she comes in contact with whom she feels has 'wronged' her.

Have you seen some of the looks she gives those on the stand once they give slamming testimony against her?

My, my...what has news journalism come to.