Forget about the reflection in Travis Alexander's eyes, someone zoom in on Jodi Arias' glasses

Is Jodi Arias drawing?
If you've followed the case, you heard the defense's attempt at proving Jodi Arias did not plan to murder Travis Alexander because the reflection in his eyes did not show her holding a gun or knife. Not sure what difference that makes when we know that she did in fact shoot him in the head, stab him 29 times and nearly cut his head off. Medical Examiner Dr. Kevin Horn stated that due to the defense wounds on Alexander's hands, he was shot last. The reasoning is that the type of
shot to the head Alexander sustained would have immediately rendered him immobile and defenseless, and without the capacity to move his hands to ward off the blows from the knife.

What you might also realize is that Jodi Arias spends a lot of time with paper and pencil during court. Is she scribbling notes, serving as her own courtroom sketch artist, doodling or drawing artwork she hopes to sell on her website?

Please answer, inquiring minds really want to know.

I figure someone could zoom in on Jodi Arias' glasses, blow up the image and let me know what the heck she's doing over there.

And another thing...if Jodi is selling her artwork like hotcakes, then why does she have public defenders?

Shouldn't she lose her indigent status?

What do you think Jodi Arias is doing over there? That is, besides smirking, putting on her best fake cries, glaring at Travis Alexander's family and smuggling pencils, paper and notebooks?