Do you think Jodi Arias is insane or evil?

As the Jodi Arias trial begins to wind down (closing arguments are scheduled to begin on May 1, 2013), I must ask the question whether or not you think Jodi Arias is insane or simply evil.

It's a bit surprising to me that her criminal defense attorneys decided to go with a self-defense theory. There is absolutely not one shred of evidence that would even hint that Travis Alexander was abusive to her. If anything, Travis Alexander was victimized as a child, suffered loneliness and confusion growing up, turned to religion for strength, then went through a number of failed relationships as an adult. I have no doubt that Travis Alexander wanted to break free from Jodi Arias but the free sex kept him tangled up with her. Who knows, he may have wrestled with feelings of emotional attachment and love towards her. Relationships can be tricky.

I wish he had trusted his gut instincts and filed a restraining order on her instead of giving in to sexual desires. Jodi Arias is no victim. There is only one victim in this case: Travis Alexander.

But what about Jodi? Is Jodi Arias insane, evil or lacking the necessary qualities
Is Jodi Arias insane or just evil?
that would make her a decent and compassionate human being?

One factor that makes me wonder if Jodi Arias is actually insane is in the way she failed to clean up the crime scene.

From what I understand, many courts of law base a ruling of "insanity" upon whether the individual knew their actions were wrong at the time of the crime. Covering up evidence and cleaning up crime scenes is often a way of telling whether an individual was fully aware that they were committing a crime or doing something that was "wrong."

Maybe Jodi Arias blew an insanity defense by repeatedly lying about her involvement in Travis Alexander's death. Lying is indicative that she knew what she did was wrong; however, I also have to look at the ridiculous way she tried to bleach away evidence in the washing machine.

What type of killer plans a murder then makes no preparation for disposing evidence?

What type of killer goes out of their way to avoid buying gas, then makes sure to purchase a gas can at a Wal-mart?

One of the scariest aspects of Jodi Arias' personality (in my opinion and besides the fact that she can slice a man's throat and stab him 29 times before shooting him in the head), is that she asked to see the autopsy photos.

Why in the world would Jodi Arias ask detectives to show her the crime scene photos?

This behavior actually reminds me of serial killers who get a thrill looking at "mementos" from the kill.

Even the photos of Travis Alexander's body before and during the murder are creepy. It doesn't appear that every photo she took of Travis' body as he lay bleeding to death was accidentally taken.

If Jodi Arias isn't insane, and is simply pure evil does she have the makings of a true psychopath who could go on to kill other men in her life? Do you think a follow-up should be made with every man Jodi Arias was previously involved with, you know...just to make sure they are alive?

Arias' account of domestic violence was pitiful. Her story of abuse at her parents' hands was even more ridiculous. Her mother swatted her with a spoon when she disobeyed. Are you serious? Do you know how many people in the state of Florida alone do that? My gosh, corporal punishment is legal in Florida's schools?

You would think she could have come up with something a little bit more believable. But then, her lack of ability for creating a domestic violence scenario that is convincing might mean that the woman has never actually been in a domestic violence situation.

Whatever the reason, Jodi Arias is one sick woman and someone I would never want to be alone with.

But is she insane or just evil?

What do you think?