Devil's Advocate: Did Jodi Arias kill Travis Alexander in heat of passion, or premeditation?

(I am playing devil's advocate, and this scenario does not reflect my own personal views on the case.)

If I were to play "devil's advocate" and give Jodi Arias the benefit of the doubt...that she didn't premeditate the murder of 30-year-old Travis Alexander, but acted in the heat of passion, I can come up with a scenario that might make sense. The only problem with the scenario, is that I have no clue whether there is any evidence to back it up.

Keep in mind, that I am going on a far, far, far limb to put this scenario out there; but I do have to say, that if there is any evidence I've overlooked that is contrary, I think it is plausible.

The theory came to my imagination after listening to Jodi Arias' ex-boyfriend 52-year-old Darryl Brewer's testimony. Brewer and Arias were in a relationship from 2003 until 2006. In fact, it appears that Arias went from home ownership with Brewer and being in love with him, to dating Travis Alexander. It does seem confirmed that by Feb. 2007, Jodi and Travis were boyfriend and girlfriend, however she stated that their sexual relationship began before Feb. 2007.

Darryl Brewer's testimony is interesting to me for several reasons. First, he said he never saw signs of Jodi Arias behaving in a jealous/obsessive manner. He should know, as he lived with her, was in a relationship with her for several years, and had worked with her as well. Darryl Brewer is the man from whom Jodi Arias borrowed the gas cans from to plan her trip.

She visited Darryl Brewer on June 3, 2008, the day before she killed Travis Alexander. Clearly, Jodi Arias had a reason for talking to, visiting with, and borrowing gas cans from Darryl Brewer before heading to Mesa, Arizona.

This is where my imagination kicks in, and I explore different scenarios from what the prosecutor has stated.

Several questions.

1. Why borrow gas cans from Darryl Brewer?
2. Why borrow gas cans then buy more?

I would love to have been able to grill Darryl Brewer to find out what he and Jodi talked about on June 3, 2008. What was her demeanor like? Did she say anything towards the effect of regretting the demise of their relationship?

One thing that Darryl Brewer stated on the stand was that Jodi told him she was going to use the gas cans to drive to Pasadena, California to visit his sister.


Did Jodi Arias have a phone conversation with Brewer’s sister where she was actually expecting Arias to show up, then she never arrived?

While it has been assumed that Jodi Arias told Darryl Brewer she wanted the gas cans for a trip to Mesa, Arizona, that information never was confirmed in court.

Darryl Brewer did not say that Jodi told him she was going to Arizona on he stand. He said he believed she was going to visi his sister in Pasadena. On March 21, 2013, Juan Martinez asked Jodi Arias if she told Darryl Brewer she was going to Arizona. Jodi Arias replied that she told him she was going to Utah to visit friends. She did in fact go to Utah, after she killed Travis.

Is it possible that Jodi Arias decided to go to Mesa, Arizona, not weeks before when her grandparent’s gun was stolen, but on June 3, 2008, after she visited Darryl Brewer?

Is it possible that her visit with Brewer created or triggered something in her that made her change course and stop by Travis’ instead?

I have yet to hear of any information in the case regarding whether Travis Alexander knew Jodi Arias was coming. I’m human and this case has shifted and taken so many turns, I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something so fundamental to the trial. If I have, though, I did so unintentionally. As to this date, I can not find any information regarding whether Travis knew Jodi was coming over.

If Travis Alexander was scared of Jodi, then why did he sleep with her. Honestly, the prosecution would have had a better case against Jodi to say she stalked and murdered Travis in cold blood if there weren’t photos of Travis stark naked giving Jodi the peace sign. Travis Alexander did not appear as if he had been assaulted by Jodi Arias when they just had sex. Additionally, there are reports that the two had sex tapes (videos), I believe from that fateful day.

My point in all this is not to blame Travis Alexander for sleeping with Jodi Arias repeatedly, even on the day he was murdered, but rather to suggest that Jodi Arias may not have planned to go to Mesa, Arizona until June 3, 2008.

Could she have borrowed two gas cans from Darryl Brewer because she believed that would have been enough gas for her trip to Pasadena, then Utah...but when she changed her mind and decided to go to Mesa, Arizona suddenly needed more gas?

Did she visit Darryl and realize that she gave up a long term relationship with him for Travis when he wouldn’t marry her, tried to break things off with her, then continued to see other women? Was she purposefully going to Mesa, Arizona to kill him as a jealous ex-lover or was this in reality a spontaneous thing?

It seems odd to me that Arias would set out to murder Travis Alexander and decide to take a detour to her boyfriend before Travis on the way, then visit her newest interest Ryan Burns. Did Jodi Arias really tell Darryl Brewer she was going to Utah, where she actually did go?

Was Jodi Arias looking at the men she loved and lost on June 3, 2008, and snapped?

Well, I don’t know.

Like I said, this is me playing the devil’s advocate, but it does seem to me that if Jodi was going to map out a murder to the point she would drive to Darryl’s in order to get gas cans, it would seem redundant to go buy one more at the last minute.

I would love to find out from Darryl Brewer and even his sister what their full stories are. Did his sister expect Jodi to come? If she did, and Jodi never showed up, it would seem to me that would point away from premeditation and more for a last minute change of plans.

I believe the sister’s name is Laura, but I cannot find any confirmation from her side of things as to whether she expected Jodi Arias or not.  It also seems very contradictory for someone to plan a murder, go to their ex-boyfriend’s house then tell him, “I’m going to visit your sister” when she really planned to murder another man. It would seem obvious that saying you would go somewhere that you have no intention of being would ruin your alibi.

If there is any evidence to back any of this up, I would say it is possible that Jodi Arias didn’t plan to kill Travis Alexander but that it happened in a moment of passion.

Maybe Jodi Arias realized that she had spent several years of her life obsessing over a man she would never have and snapped.

If the gas cans really were to provide fuel for a trip to Pasadena and then Utah, and not Arizona, that would take away premeditation; however, it would still leave the issue of the gun open.

(fast forward to 2:03:14 to hear Darryl Brewer's testimony)

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