Watch Jodi Arias trial streaming live March 6, 2013; Jury asks questions (online video)

March 6, 2013, may prove to be one of the most significant days in the Jodi Arias trial. This is due to Arizona law that allows the jury to ask questions directly to the defendant. It's been a long trial as the state of Arizona seeks justice for the June 4, 2008, slaying of Travis Alexander. Alexander was found dead in his shower stall on June 9, 2008. Forensic examination determined he had been stabbed 29 times, his throat had been slashed, and he was shot in the head.

Jodi Arias appears in court on March 6, 2013

At first, Jodi Arias claimed she wasn't in Arizona during the time of the murder. Once she was confronted by authorities with proof she was in the state, she claimed she was in Alexander's home on June 4, 2008, but claimed two ninjas broke in and attacked him. After her palm print was found on a wall and photo evidence was retrieved from the crime scene, Jodi Arias changed her story once again and stated she murdered Alexander in self-defense, but doesn't remember the  details of the crime.

Judge Sherry Stephens entered the courtroom on March 6, 2013, to hear objections to some of the jurors questions. You may watch the Jodi Arias trial streaming live online in the video player below. Check the archive of trial videos and other important case photos and videos in the links above.

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