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If you wanted to watch the Jodi Arias trial on March 5, 2013, on In Session, you may be disappointed to find the trial isn't airing. Instead, HLN is broadcasting the trial live, followed by news analysis from several of HLN's leading commentators such as Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew. Those who would like to watch the trial streaming live from their mobile devices or online may watch the video below, or install the app listed above this post.

Jodi Arias in court on March 4, 2013

Arias completed several days of cross-examination and returned to the stand after a three-day, weekend break on March 4, 2013, where she answered more detailed questions regarding her sex life with victim Travis Alexander under re-direct. There is a possibility that Judge Sherry Stephens may allow prosecutor Juan Martinez to place Arias under cross-examination a second time, due to new information that was presented on the stand during Arias' March 4, testimony.

The defense did their best to reinforce the idea that Travis Alexander was a deviant, sexual pervert who abused Jodi Arias, leaving her no other option to kill him in self-defense.

One portion of a sexually explicit conversation held between the two was displayed, giving possible opportunity for the prosecution to question Arias again.

Warning! The following transcript contains graphic content.

Nurmi asked Arias, "He places his penis in your vagina when you`re asleep, right?"

Jodi Arias responded, "Yes. I don`t know that he was really, like, mentally conscious or not. He was there, he was breathing hard, that kind of thing, but he didn`t say anything, and it was never mentioned the next day. So I assumed maybe -- I don`t know, maybe he wasn`t fully aware of what he was doing."

A phone sex tape was played in the courtroom where Travis Alexander stated, "There`s been many times when you`ve been, like, miserable, and I`ve like, raped you."

Nurmi used the statement to backup the theory that it was Travis Alexander, not Jodi Arias, who was the sexual deviant.

He then asked Jodi Arias, "Have you had fantasies about being raped by Mr. Alexander?

Jodi Arias responded, "Not raped, maybe, like, ravished."

One of the most shocking claims made during the March 4, 2013, testimony was when Jodi Arias said she loved Travis Alexander unconditionally.

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