Watch Jodi Arias trial live streaming video March 14, 2013

Those following the Jodi Arias trial may watch live streaming video of the procedures on March 14, 2013, in the video player below. Arias is on trial for the June 4, 2008, murder of her lover Travis Alexander. She has pleaded not guilty and claims she stabbed Alexander 29 times, nearly decapitated him and shot him in the head in self-defense. The prosecution contends that it was not self-defense but cold-blooded, heartless and calculated premeditated murder that led to Alexander's untimely death in his Mesa, Arizona apartment.

Jodi Arias concludes testimony on March 13, 2013 

Arias concluded 18 days of testimony, including more than 200 questions asked directly by the jury, and more than 5,000 questions in total. After several redirects, cross-examinations and clarification, prosecutor Juan Martinez concluded Arias' final day on the stand by systematically tearing apart her timeline of events and exposing multiple lies to the jury.

Arias repeatedly clung to her defense that she was in a fog throughout the murder and doesn't remember many details of the attack. Her version of Alexander's murder doesn't fit with the forensic evidence, as the trial revealed.

At this point, it is doubtful the jury will acquit Arias, but whether she will be sent to death row remains the most pressing question.

After the Casey Anthony case; however, there is really no way to predict how the jury will rule.

You may watch live streaming video of the Jodi Arias trial, March 14, 2013, in the video player below.

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