Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watch the Jodi Arias trial live, streaming online (videos)

It's March 13, 2013, and Jodi Arias will return to the stand for what will be her 18th day giving direct testimony stemming from the June 4, 2008, murder of her lover Travis Alexander. Jodi Arias has claimed she shot Travis Alexander in self-defense; however, medical authorities disagree with Arias' version of events.

Will the jury ultimately convict Jodi Arias and put her to death for the brutal June 4, 2008 murder of Travis Alexander?
Arias says Alexander was taking a shower and became angered when she dropped his new digital camera. Though Alexander was dripping wet, she states he flew out of the shower in a rage, charged at her like a linebacker, prompting her to run into his closet, retrieve a gun, run back towards the bathroom, where she fired the gun, unaware that it was loaded. The problem with Jodi Arias' account of events is that the bullet casing was found caked in a dried pool of blood, and Travis Alexander was stabbed 29 times. Some of the knife wounds were to his back, making the claims of self-defense absurd.

Medical experts testified that the gunshot to Travis Alexander's head occurred after he was dead, not before.

Jodi Arias says she was so traumatized from Travis Alexander's furious attack that she had no recollection of ever picking up a knife and stabbing the man she claimed she loved.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez has taken a "no holds barred" approach with Arias on the stand, who claims his aggressive demeanor has caused her memory issues on the stand. Jurors' have asked more than 200 questions in a move that is allowed under Arizona law, particularly in death penalty cases.

After Jodi Arias concludes cross-examination, the defense will present their final two witnesses who are expected to testify on Arias' behalf, bolstering her claims that she suffers from battered person's syndrome.

You may watch the full trial streaming live, online in the video player below.

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  6. I publish all the comments and have never deleted or refused to publish one. Since you are anonymous, I can't really track down your comment, but if it's not the one above, then I don't know where it is.

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