Travis Alexander's friend says Jodi Arias had 'creepy sexual energy' (videos)

On March 5, 2013, HLN's Dr. Drew spoke with two of Travis Alexander's friends who met Jodi Arias. Jacob and Hollie Mefford appeared on the program and released a video to the show that marked the first time the public saw the pair interact as a couple. Jacob Mefford described his first impression of Jodi Arias and like many others who met the woman charged with the June 4, 2008, first-degree murder of Alexander, he remarked about her eyes. He also described her as having a "creepy sexual energy."

Jacob Mefford explained why he felt Jodi Arias was bad news for Travis, "She had a very crazy sexual energy about her. I mean, just what she was dressed in -- first off, when you look in her eyes, it`s empty. It`s just like there`s no soul behind there."

This was not the first time those who encountered Jodi Arias remarked on her eyes. There are allegations that Jodi Arias was involved in witchcraft and some have suggested this played a role in her "creepiness" factor.

Jacob Mefford continued, "So, it was really creepy for me. Plus, you know, she literally just had a jacket on at a business event with nothing underneath it, just buttoned up, and it was completely inappropriate for, you know, what we were doing, and she just -- again, she just had this very, you know, seductive type of energy like -- I can`t really explain it but it made my internal alarms really go off."

You may see Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias interact in the video player below. Watch the Jodi Arias trial live when court is in session in the video links above.