New video shows Travis Alexander with Jodi Arias

On March 5, 2013, Dr. Drew introduced a new video that showed Travis Alexander interacting with his lover and the woman who would be charged with first-degree murder in his June 4, 2008, death: Jodi Arias.

Interviewing friends of Alexander's, Dr. Drew spoke with couple Hollie and Jacob Mefford who not only shared the video with the HLN host, but also discussed their initial feelings upon meeting Jodi Arias.

Jacob Mefford discussed Jodi Arias' MySpace page and his reaction to her profile after seeing her leave comments on Travis' page.

He stated, "My wife and I had seen a post by Travis Alexander on MySpace, and there was a comment by Jodi. And so, anyway, her profile was really creepy. It had like witchcraft and a bunch of crazy stuff on it. So, my wife got a creeped out feeling and brought it in for me to take a look at it, and, of course, I was kind of blown away. I wondered who she was."

One photo in particular that Jodi Arias had placed on MySpace has sparked discussion regarding her interest in witchcraft. It's interesting to note that Jodi Arias eventually converted to Mormonism, even having Travis Alexander baptize her. Many believe that Arias made the conversion simply as a means of getting and keeping Alexander.

Jodi Arias alleged 'witchcraft' photo from MySpace

Friend of Travis Alexander Gets Creepy Vibe Regarding Jodi Arias

Jacob Mefford continued, "Anyway, a few weeks later, Travis had traveled in from Arizona to be a guest speaker at our event. Anyway, he walked in through the door, we were giving each other intros, high-fives, hugs and things like that. And then Jodi walked in. I didn`t know they had been introduced previously, and so, I just immediately -- the first time I saw Jodi, I just got a really, really creepy vibe from her."

A Friend's Warning

 What is also interesting, is not only did Jacob Mefford say he had a "creepy vibe" regarding Jodi Arias, but he warned his friend to keep his distance from her. This isn't the only time one of Travis Alexander's friends have stated they were creeped out by Arias or didn't approve of her for their friend.

Jacob Mefford explained, "I said, man, you got to stay away from her, buddy. You know, she`s bad news."

It's important that people act upon their first instinct, and it appears that even Travis Alexander knew that Jodi Arias wasn't good for him. He allegedly described her as a stalker to his friends, however, he continued to sleep with her instead of filing a restraining order and contacting authorities due to Jodi Arias' behavior.

Travis Alexander Defensive over Relationship with Jodi Arias?

Did Travis Alexander defend his relationship with Jodi Arias? According to Jacob Mefford, Travis Alexander did not receive his friend's warning with open arms.

Mefford explained, "That was the introduction from the very first time I ever met Jodi. And, of course, he got defensive on it. And a few minutes later, I saw them embrace and actually hug and kiss and I realized, oops, foot in mouth. They had already been introduced and, obviously, had something that was starting. But I walked in afterwards, or up to them afterwards and said, hey, listen, I can`t hide it. You know, it`s -- obviously, you know where I`m at. I think she`s bad news."

You may watch the video Dr. Drew played on the March 5, 2013, episode below.
What do you think of Jodi Arias' demeanor in the video? Do you find it interesting, or even bizarre that she seems disinterested in Travis Alexander's story?