New show featuring Jodi Arias trial coming to HLN

Anyone following the Jodi Arias trial knows the case has been compared to Casey Anthony's, and there is one aspect in which this comparison couldn't be clearer: media coverage.

When it was fist reported that Casey Anthony failed to report her daughter Caylee missing for 31 days, HLN's Nancy Grace picked up the story and really never put it down. Anytime there are new developments in the Casey Anthony case, Grace or  fellow network sister Jane Velez-Mitchell runs with the story. Now, there's a new face for media cover-girl: Jodi Arias. Just like HLN's non-stop Casey Anthony coverage (that ran from the time Caylee was reported missing to the infamous first-degree murder trial where Anthony was acquitted of all charges stemming from her daughter's death and disappearance, HLN has taken the same approach when it comes to covering the Jodi Arias murder case.

Only this time, Jodi Arias is getting her own program.

Look at me! I'm a star and now I have my own reality program!

Well, it's not really her program...such as cameras installed in Arias' jail cell that she unapologetically pointed out was smaller than Travis Alexander's closet (how about his coffin?), but it will feature the latest developments in Jodi Arias' first-degree murder trial.

According to a Daily News Beat report,