Jodi Arias verdict: Will accused murderess walk free? (videos)

A new report has come out suggesting that accused murderess Jodi Arias believes there will be a mistrial and she will walk free. Do you think this is possible? Jose Baez, the famed criminal defense attorney who represented Casey Anthony, commented on the amount of evidence present in the Arias case, and he is correct. There is an abundance of prosecutorial evidence in the Jodi Arias case that indicates she murdered Travis Alexander in a premeditated, jealous rage. Will the jury overlook timestamped photos, the brutality of Travis Alexander's 29 stab wounds, the fact that his throat was slit from ear to ear and his gunshot wound to the head and find they cannot agree on the verdict?

Will the jury render a guilty verdict on a lesser charge such as manslaughter?

What are your opinions of the Jodi Arias trial and the manner in which prosecutor Juan Martinez has questioned her? Do you think he is doing enough to not only get a guilty verdict on first-degree murder charges and to send Arias to death row?

Has the defense pleaded their case and shown enough evidence to successfully conf