Jodi Arias stars in new horror movie: 'The Fog' (videos)

Thanks to the wonderful talents of Twitter user Don @callmethebreze we now can see Jodi Arias as she stars in the upcoming and soon-to-be released horror movie titled "The Fog."
The story centers on a stark-raving, mad lunatic; however, in this case, the lunatic has donned the appearance of a bleached-blonde nymphomaniac. It brings an unusual twist to the plot as many horror movies feature the depiction of women as beautiful, yet brutally murdered victims (Psycho, Halloween, Looking for Mr. Goodbar) and the villain is often portrayed as a mentally or physically deranged man.

Not in "The Fog."

Attractive, yet creepily terrifying, Jodi Arias dons different colored contact-lenses, costumes, and will even change her appearance to that of a little girl (or little boy) depending upon the situation. She can strike more fear than Freddy Kruger can wave his little finger at and will make you think Michael Myers is the all American boy-next-door.

Jodi Arias stars in new horror film 'The Fog'

With an affinity for sharp objects and weapons, there is no telling what will happen when Jodi Arias is around knives or guns. An aspiring photographer, she'll shoot her camera while simultaneously stabbing her victims, documenting her atrocities and like many sociopaths, creating trophies of her kill.

As with any classic horror tale, you can envision as the psychopath is taking pictures when suddenly, out of nowhere, the fog begins to seep under floorboards, cracks in the wall, and permeates through the ceiling to envelope and consume her mind and turn her into the blood-thirsty, raving mad lunatic that she is.

This is not your typical Jeckyll and Hyde, oh no, for after being overpowered by the fog, Arias still has some memory of the incident, such as what she was feeling at the time she unleashed her vicious rage. Instead, it is more a case of separate personas, where Arias views herself in a completely, innocent manner after executing and slaughtering her victim.

Can she be stopped?

Will she be forced to pay for her heinous crimes?

Stay tuned for the conclusion of "The Fog."

*The above is a fictional creation by Charisse Van Horn well, sort of.