Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Watch Jodi Arias trial streaming live online, day 23 Feb. 26, 2013 (videos)

It's Feb. 26, 2013, the 23rd day of the Jodi Arias trial. Arias returns to the stand for the third day of cross-examination with live testimony and live streaming beginning at 12:30 p.m. ET. Those watching by television may tune into the trial on In Session. In Session runs from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. and will feature highlights and commentary from the previous day's trial until the defendant, attorneys and jury enter the courtroom.

Following In Session, at 3 p.m. is HLN coverage on the show "Making it in America." HLN also provides analysts and commentary while court is in recess, then brings live, streaming coverage of the trial. CNN is also following the Jodi Arias case and trial with coverage provided by Anderson Cooper. Cooper hasn't dedicated his entire show to the trial, however, as Jane Velez-Mitchell, Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew have.

You will find that Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace tend to tackle the case from different angles. Nancy Grace is often biased towards the prosecution (cutting down any favorable remarks or commentary towards the defense), while Jane Velez-Mitchell will quickly suggest a win for the defense or point out where the defense may gain an upper hand.

Dr. Drew's coverage differs from both Jane Velez-Mitchell's and Nancy Grace's as he will focus more on the relationship aspects of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander and delve into mindsets, what may have gone through Arias' mind at the time of the murder, as well as the jury's response to testimony.

You may watch live, streaming coverage of the Jodi Arias trial online in the video player below.

Jodi Arias says that she is a victim of domestic violence and says that Travis Alexander was taking a shower when she dropped his new camera, causing him to race out of the shower and beat her, putting "mortal terror" into her. She then states she ran to a closet and retrieved a gun that only the two of them knew about, and shot him. After the shot, he lunged at her again, like a madman. As to how Travis Alexander's neck was sliced from ear to ear and how he ended up with 29 stab wounds, she doesn't remember.

Photos retrieved from a digital camera recovered from a washing machine showed nude photos of both Jodi and Travis taken earlier in the day, then a series of photos of Travis Alexander in the shower. There was a one minute delay between the last photo of Travis alive in the shower and a second photo showing his naked body slumped over on the shower floor.

Are we to believe that Travis ran naked out of the shower, beat Jodi Arias putting mortal terror into her, was shot in the head, then ran back into the shower before exiting the shower a second time? Certainly, Travis Alexander didn't exit the shower, beat Jodi Arias, chase her down the hall, get shot and stabbed and make it back into the shower within one minute!

Arias' story does not make sense and the medical examiner states that Travis Alexander was shot last, not first.

What do you think of the case so far? Do you think Jodi Arias has any chance of an acquittal?

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  1. I think she was jealous that he found someone else he respected more and wanted to take her to Cancun.She could not except it.

  2. She is very disrespectful to the Jury, us the people, the Judge and to the proscution by playing cutsey little stupid games with words when this is a very serious subject!! She is VERY cocky!! I don't see how she winning by acting like she is stupid!!

  3. I think she is VERY disrespectful to the Jury, The Judge, the people and the Proscution! Who is she, The person that admitted to murdering Travis in such a horrific way (slicing his throat, stabbing him 27 times, 9 of them in the back AND shooting him in the head, to act this way on the stand???
    She should be humbled, NOT acting like a cocky little brat! If I was on the Jury I would be so angry, I would also use the way she acts against her! Poor Travis's family to have to sit and listen to her show such disrespect!! The Judge should tell her to show some respect!!!!

  4. After watching this trial, and hearing things on talk shows, I have come to the conclusion that Jodi is not all there. I think she lives in the Jodi world and if she doesn't get her way, there are consequences. She has kicked her mother for no reason, kicked a dog for getting in the garbage. She said she kicked the dog and he never returned. I now think she probably kicked him so hard he went off to die somewhere. What makes Jodi think that after 5 months of dating Travis he would want to get her out of his life instead of making the relationship long term. After watching her cry for the dog she kicked, I have yet to hear remorse (unless I missed it) for butchering Travis. I sure hope the jurors are hearing and seeing Jodi as the PYCHO she is.

  5. Dr. De Marte was the perfect witness, JA couldn't do her tap dance, the Dr. described JA for the trash she is. Although getting the death penalty it will not be sufficient. She needs to feel the fear and pain Travis felt. I will say tough, when she faces the Lord, there will be no saving her from his wrath. She will burn in hell with her father Lucifer. The game is over JA.

  6. burn in hell, she deserves it.