Watch Jodi Arias testify at trial (live, streaming online videos)

It's Feb. 25, 2013, and Jodi Arias remains on the stand under cross-examination. Today's testimony has centered on prosecutor Juan Martinez continuing to grill Jodi Arias in an attempt to show the jury she is deceptive in her answers. I'm not sure if that is the best strategy for the prosecution to take. I say that because everyone already knows that Jodi Arias lied, and lied repeatedly.

The last photo of Travis Alexander taken while he was alive

The issue really isn't whether or not Jodi Arias lied. I mean, she gave authorities conflicting stories and has admitted to lying. She even went so far as to say that she told authorities information that she felt would "fit in with their evidence." If that isn't admitting to being a liar that is actually creating the best scenario possible, I don't know what is. But will the fact that she is a liar convince the jury that she didn't act in self-defense?

The fact is, however, that the brutality exhibited in Travis Alexander's slaying does not seem to justify self-defense. Unless, the defense can present psychological testimony that would suggest Arias could have lost control and her memory due to extreme terror.

It's hard to imagine that she was under extreme terror, however, when Travis Alexander was photographed in the shower one minute before his death.

In my opinion, those photos are the evidence that will cause a jury to return a guilty verdict and death penalty sentence. Travis Alexander was not in the shower with a gunshot wound in the head, and he was hardly terrorizing Jodi Arias with "mortal terror" while he was in the shower.

Most domestic violence victims will state that when a man is taking a shower alone, he was not simultaneously beating his partner.

But proving Jodi Arias is a liar seems rather moot at this point.

Everyone knows she is a liar, that isn't the issue.

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