Video: Reenactment of Travis Alexander murder (Jodi Arias trial)

Travis Alexander was murdered in one of the most gruesome manners known. It is horrific to realize what he ultimately endured in his final moments of life, and thanks to Jodi Arias and a camera that seemed to accompany the murderous act, we not only have photos taken during the killing, but time stamped as well.

There is no question that Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander engaged in sexual activity at approximately 1:30 pm the day of the murder. At 5:29 pm, June 4, 2008, photos were taken of Travis Alexander in the shower. One minute later, a photo was timestamped showing Travis body slumped on the shower floor with a bloody gash. More photos were captured revealing Travis Alexander's body as it appeared to be dragged through a hallway. All of these photos occurred within minutes of each other.

Last photo of Travis Alexander taken in the shower at 5:29 pm, June 4, 2008

The most pressing question, is if Jodi Arias shot and stabbed Travis Alexander in the bathroom, why was there blood found in the hallway, bathroom sink, floor areas, etc.

Crime scene photo: Travis Alexander slumped over in shower taken at 5:30 pm, June 4, 2008

The most plausible explanation, and since autopsy photos show self-defense wounds on Travis' hands, is that Travis was in the shower, seemingly unaware of the few seconds he had left to live, when Jodi Arias surprised attacked and slashed him. He may have fought back (getting the defensive wounds and cuts to his hands) and ran for his life. Of course he wouldn't have made it too far. This would account for the blood trail from the bathroom to the hallway and back.

The prosecution alleges that in one photo, Jodi Alexander literally dragged Travis Alexander's body back to the shower, when the camera accidentally went off.
Crime scene photo taken at 5:32 pm, prosecution believes this is Jodi Arias dragging Travis Alexander 

Jodi Arias testified that the two fought, she shot Alexander, he continued to lunge at her then she doesn't remember what happened next.

This is completely and utterly impossible as we can see from time stamped photos that Alexander was standing, whole in the shower and within a minute was stabbed. He had not been shot in the head, then continued to chase her around the room before she stabbed him in what she claims is self-defense.

Here is a video reenactment that details the path in the crime scene as it is believed to have occurred.