Travis Alexander compared Jodi Arias to a 12-year-old girl; Does that indicate pedophilia? (phone sex audio, live trial videos)

One of the allegations Jodi Arias has made in her claims of self-defense against Travis Alexander is that not only was he abusive, but she caught him masturbating to a photo of a young boy. While many have pointed out that Travis Alexander is not alive to defend himself against allegations of being a pedophile, and the prosecution has pointed out that Jodi Arias never called the police or told anyone that Travis Alexander was caught with his pants down and a photo of a child, but he did compare Jodi Arias to a 12-year-old girl during a mutual, masturbation session that was recorded on tape.

Jodi Arias photo credit My Space

Warning! The following statement and phone sex, audio tape in the video player below contains graphic and disturbing content.

At approximately 32-33 minutes into the phone sex tape, Jodi Arias verbalizes an orgasm to which Travis Alexander made the following statement, "The way you moan, Jodi, sounds like a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm -- So hot."

What do you think of the statement? Do you think it is normal for a grown man to compare a woman's orgasm with that of a 12-year-old girl having an orgasm, or do you think Jodi Arias may have had reason to suspect pedophilia?

Even if Travis Alexander were a pedophile, that wouldn't have been an excuse to slice his throat, stab him 29 times and shoot him in the head; but it may show that Jodi Arias didn't come up with the claim out of thin air. She may have genuinely believed that Travis Alexander had a sexual interest in children.

Here is the video of the phone sex tape. Fast-forward to the 32-33 minute point to hear the statement. If you choose to listen to the entire tape, then be forewarned, it is graphic.

You may watch live streaming video from the trial in the video player above this post.