Jodi Arias trial: Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias photos, timeline (warning, graphic autopsy and nude photos)

CNN created a video presentation that documents Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander's relationship from the time they met to his brutal slaying on June 4, 2008. The video presentation shows clips and many photos including Travis Alexander presenting a sales pitch, clips from the couple's phone sex tapes, and graphic, autopsy photos of Travis Alexander's body after he was discovered deceased in his home for five days.

Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander had a very unusual, secretive relationship where Alexander had previously described Arias as a lover/stalker whom he couldn't resist having sex with. A Mormon, Alexander had made it clear to Arias he would never marry her, and that their relationship was purely a sexual one. It seems this may be the core of Arias' madness, obsession and violent rage that left Alexander with 29 stab wounds, a gunshot wound to the head and his throat slit from ear to ear.

Arias regularly offered herself to Alexander sexually and he admitted during a mutual masturbatory phone sex session that he never masturbated before becoming involved with Arias. He also stated that since they were involved, he began masturbating several times a day. Clearly, this confession indicates a growing sexual problem between himself and Arias, especially since Arias was confiding in her journal that she was completely in love with Alexander.

Having sex with someone you aren't in love with is always a dangerous situation. Women offering themselves sexually to a man in hopes that he will turn that sex into romantic feelings of love is never a good idea either. There may be no question that as Alexander continued to explore his sexual fantasies (that included using candy such as tootsie pops and pop rocks and tying Arias to a tree where he would perform anal sex on her), Jodi Arias was hoping the sex would cause Alexander to love her as she believed she loved him.

When he continued to see other women and refused and rejected her as a life partner, one can only imagine the rage she felt.

Was "slashing" Travis Alexander's tires practice for slashing his throat? Though it was never proved that Arias is the one who slashed his tires when he was seeing another woman, Alexander believed it was Arias.

Arias has shown signs of obsessive, stalking behavior in the past as was brought out  in trial.

While Arias' defense of battered woman syndrome seems a failed theory, there is probably little doubt that Arias "felt" psychologically, emotionally and sexually abused by Alexander.

After all, she had offered herself for his every sexual fantasy, and he continued to use her sexually for his pleasure and benefit; however, he had made it clear repeatedly that she would never be his wife.

Here are photos of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander together along with the video timeline.

Warning! There are graphic, autopsy photos of Travis Alexander and nude photos of Jodi Arias taken from the digital camera retrieved from the crime scene. The nude photos of Jodi Arias were taken the day of the murder.