Jodi Arias trial: Thoughts on Jodi Arias' journal (videos)

I have a few thoughts on Jodi Arias' journal. If you recall, prosecutor Juan Martinez made several references to blatant omissions from Jodi Arias' journal, such as any instances of him physically or sexually abusing her, or breaking her finger. We also didn't see anything in her journal that would express her displeasure with him seeing or sleeping with other women.

This fact alone lets us know that she was not putting her true feelings in her journal.
Prosecutor Juan Martinez holds up Jodi Arias' journal during cross-examination in the murder trial of Travis Alexander

There is no woman on the planet who journals, yet isn't going to pour out her anger about a cheating lover in her journal, agreed? I mean, if this type of omission is made, there's a reason.

I truly believe that the omissions from Jodi Arias' journal about any negative aspects of Travis, or mention of her going to Mesa, Arizona shows that she was specifically not writing things in her journal that would incriminate her.

It's interesting, because it would have been beneficial to her defense to have filled her journal with all sorts of entries alleging abuse. She didn't.

Jodi Arias' journal gives the impression that she and Travis Alexander were a couple and that she was completley in love with him.

I believe her journal reads that way, because she thought that it might be looked at one day, quite possibly after the murder.

Another intersting point is that Arias did not detail a murderous plot in her journal. Again, I believe the omissions from Jodi ARias' journal were deliberate attempts to reduce the evidence trail as she planned to murder Travis Alexander.