Jodi Arias trial: Oral and anal sex takes center stage in testimony (warning, graphic content, photos and videos)

The Jodi Arias trial may go down in history as being one of the most sexually explicit. Testimony given on Feb. 26, 2013, focused on oral and anal sex as the prosecution feels the amount of anal sex Jodi Arias has experienced during her life will strip away her self-defense claims.

During today's testimony, we learned that Jodi Arias had anal sex with her boyfriend Bobby Juarez. She testified they had anal sex twice, she would have been between the ages of 17 and 18. The prosecution wants the testimony as he feels it shows that in the hours before Travis Alexander's brutal murder, Jodi Arias was not "traumatized" by forceful, anal sex delivered by Alexander, as she claims.

Jodi Arias has claimed that Travis Alexander was a sexual pervert and an abusive man who strangled her to the point of unconsciousness, broke her finger and terrorized her for years with his pose, content and tone of voice. She has also tried to say on the stand that she wasn't  always into the sex with Travis and even faked orgasms. The prosecution portrays Jodi Arias as the sexually advanced one who used sexuality and the willingness to fulfill Travis Alexander's fantasies as a means of controlling him.

Nude photos of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias taken on the day of the murder. The photos were deleted but retrieved from a camera Arias placed in a washing machine along with bloody sheets and clothing.

Jodi Arias has made past remarks regarding feeling like a prostitute after sex with Travis. This was addressed during court today when prosecutor Juan Martinez introduced text messages where Arias told Alexander she wanted to give him a blow job and wanted a "generous facial" in return.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez questioned Arias and challenged her remarks of feeling like a prostitute.

"How is it you can say you 'felt like a prostitute' when you're moving the relationship ahead like this? The act itself is the same thing, and here you're requesting it. The geography is different, but that aside, isn't it the same act? And you're requesting it?"

Jodi Arias replied,  "When he (ejaculated) and left afterward I felt like a prostitute. When we mutually went through things together I didn't."

One thing that I feel should be taken into account is the way Jodi Arias has changed her appearance. Do you think if Jodi Arias was on the stand wearing her sexy outfits, bleached blonde hair and makeup the jury would see her for who she truly is?

It may not matter that she has made such a drastic change in her appearance, I think the jury can see through her act just fine.

What do you think?

Is Jodi Arias a victim of sexual abuse, mortal terror and physical abuse at the hands of Travis Alexander or is she a woman who has stalked previous boyfriends, enjoys kinky, risque sex and brutally murdered Travis Alexander in cold blood?

You may watch videos from Feb. 26, 2013, day 3 in cross-examination in the Jodi Arias trial below.

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