Jodi Arias trial: Court recessed until Monday (videos)

Are you following developments in the Jodi Arias murder trial? If you are but have missed a few days, now is your chance to catch up on testimony, Arias' direct questioning and the fiery cross-examination that kicked off on Feb. 21, 2013.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez is coming at Arias hard and presented journals, magazines where she had scribbled notes hoping to have a witness visit her so she could help "get their story straight" and challenged her on numerous aspects of her testimony, including her "broken finger" that Arias claims happened during an altercation with murder victim Travis Alexander (but could have occurred when she killed him), and asked Arias directly if she had previously driven an hour and a half to confront a woman (Bianca), whom she believed was seeing her boyfriend. The questioning painted Jodi Arias as an obsessed, jealous woman who is at times delusional over whom she is romantically involved with.

There is so much happening and one of the stand out moments yesterday occurred when Martinez grilled Arias using his "hard-lined, aggressive" approach and challenged Arias on her faulty memory.

The grilling exchange went like this, "What factors influenced your having a memory problem?" Juan Martinez questioned.

Jodi Arias defiantly responded, "Usually, when men like you are screaming at me or grilling me or someone like Travis doing the same."

Okay, I'm not sure about you, but does Arias' comparison between the prosecutor and Travis mean she'd like to do Martinez in as well? I am watching the trial on my DVR and have the ability to slow down the video and view it in slow motion.

It was rather unnerving seeing Jodi Arias' expressions in slow motion. Several body language experts have weighed in on her demeanor and mentioned that she tends to lick her lips or stick out her tongue slightly when she becomes angered. But what I noticed was the look in her eyes. While she had a smile on her face, her eyes were very penetrating.

It's expected that the cross examination may last a while, especially considering that Jodi Arias testified for the equivalent of eight, court days. Juan Martinez certainly has his work cut out for him, and God forbid, if Jodi Arias is somehow acquitted like Casey Anthony, he may want to keep an extra watch on his back.

Arias already compared him to Travis Alexander and we know how that ended.

Jodi Arias gives new meaning to the phrase "If looks could kill...."

Here's an inside look at Jodi Arias' time behind bars, and visit the archive section to view full court videos from each day of the trial. Interestingly, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks about the good things that Jodi Arias has accomplished in "his" jail. She earned her GED and won the American Idol, jail style singing competition.

Also, like other inmates, Jodi Arias does wear pink underwear....just in case you were wondering.