Jodi Arias trial: Arias testifies with zero body language (videos, photos)

One of the most notable aspects of the Jodi Arias trial, and that indicates she is lying, is that she testifies with zero body language.

I mean, we're talking ZERO body language. If you watch commentators and analysts discussing the trial, they express more body language than Jodi Arias when retelling her account of the murder.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez uses a tremendous amount of body language while Arias remains stoic, smiles, smirks and ensures that she makes plenty of contact with the jury. In fact, the most body language Jodi Arias displays on the stand is her frequent head turns when she tries her best to connect with the jury and avoid the death penalty.

Whether describing being body slammed, choked, hit, sexually assaulted, slammed to the floor and hitting head against tile, Jodi Arias never, under no circumstances, ever, uses hands to demonstrate any of these actions. Never does she use her hands to show HOW Travis Alexander grabbed, choked, hit or slammed  her.

Have you ever watched someone detail an account without using their body such as their hands? Would you tell another person how someone attacked you without once demonstrating with your hands and body language what happened?

Another area where Jodi Arias exhibits zero body language is involving fear.

Jodi Arias' voice never quakes, shakes, breaks or trembles when explaining mortal terror and absolute fear. Again, the only time her voice patterns change is when she is angry with the prosecutor for the tone he is using with her. Even then, we do not see a meek, timid woman who is a victim of battered woman's syndrome, but rather an aggressive woman who rises to the challenge.

On Feb. 28, 2013, Jodi Arias broke down and cried on the stand. She shielded her face and refused to look at crime scene photos of Travis Alexander. What she didn't do, however, is become so emotional that she could not continue to give her routine answers of "Yes," "I don't know," and "I don't remember."

Is it possible that Jodi Arias really doesn't remember every thrust of the 29 stab wounds into Travis Alexander's heart, back and chest? Is it possible she doesn't remember the way the knife felt in her hand when she slit his throat from ear to ear? Could she really not remember pulling the trigger and shooting him in the head (well, on this she does say she remembers, but her story is implausible).

I believe it is more than possible she doesn't remember every detail of this two-minute murder that must have been one of the most evil and violent crimes known in American history. Imagine, everything that Jodi Arias did in two minutes!

Many people don't remember their episodes of rage and violence. Some say they blacked out, or felt possessed and that a supernatural force took over. I think it is highly possible and plausible that Jodi Arias doesn't remember every detail, but not because of battered woman syndrome or because of intense fear.

This was a woman who exhibited rage and violence beyond human comprehension.

I wonder if those memories flood her dreams and turn them into nightmares.