Read Dottie and Jerry Sandusky letters to Judge Cleland

On October 11, 2012, letters written by Dottie and Jerry Sandusky to Judge Cleland were made public. Judge Cleland, who sentenced Sandusky to a minimum of 30-years and a maximum of 60-years released the letters written shortly after a jury found Sandusky guilty on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. In the letters, Dottie and Jerry Sandusky speak of a conspiracy against the convicted, violent sexaul predator and Dottie Sandusky maintains she never saw anything inappropriate in her husband's behavior. The letters slam the victims and state that they have lied about the charges. The couple's adopted son, Matt, who has also alleged he was victimized by his father did not escape their written wrath. You may read the letters below. Sandusky.letters